Wedding Gown Cleaned & Preserved

$150.00 and up (depending on gown type and size)

Price includes preservation box, boxing of gown, cleaning of gown and any accessories including (purse, shoes, veil ...)

Wedding Gown Cleaned Only

$80.00 and up (depending on gown type and size)

Price includes cleaning only !


            Our special preservation storage materials are designed to protect your dress from exposure to moisture, dust, acidity and light, but successful long term preservation depends on you.  Where and how you keep the dress will have an effect on its condition.  Store the box flat, with logo side facing up.  When you move the box, carry it so that it is as level as possible.  We pack your dress so that it will not shift under normal circumstances, but flat storage will ensure this remains true.  
We ask that you protect your dress from extremes of temperature and humidity, as these factors will encourage rapid deterioration.  All fibers degrade under high temperatures, and many may discolor permanently.  High humidity encourages mold and mildew, even on clean fabrics.  Therefore, it is not wise to store your dress in an attic or a cellar.  Choose a storage place within your living quarters, but choose a place without much traffic.

            We encourage you to open the box and inspect your dress whenever you desire.  When you remove the box, remember that your skin contains oils and salts that can damage delicate fabrics.  It is important that your wash and dry your hands carefully before handling your dress.

            The outer box is a storage box.  The inside box is the actual special wedding gown box.  There is a window under the box lid that allows you to see your dress.

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